The Please Help, Snowbyrd, The Offbeats, Bryson Brooks LIVE at The Mix. December 27th.

The Please Help, Roconquista, Sioux and Fox (featuring Noah Luna) LIVE at Jack’s Patio Bar. January 2nd.

Please Help Tour Kickoff For the past couple decades, Phil Luna’s sandpaper voice and salt-and-pepper ‘do has been a staple of SA music, tearing up dives and music halls with various cuts of rowdy rock ‘n’ roll. With his new project, The Please Help, Luna looks to change that rude attitude, opting for an image of positivity.
The Please Help self-titled LP was written by Phillip Luna from 2010 to 2013 and recorded and produced by Brant Lee Sankey at BLS Studio in 2014.

The Please Help